Interaction Between Sexuality and Dynamics of Interpersonal and Family Relationships

Speaker: Stanley Althof, Ph.D

Description: This workshop is an introductory workshop that will discuss how sexuality is impacted by interpersonal and family dynamics. Participants will learn about the sexual equilibrium and how family and partners can impact each other. In addition, behavioral strategies for treating sexual problems and working with the couple will be introduced. This workshop will provide several models of conducting therapist around sexual issues in the context of the family.

Learning Objectives:

- Explain the construct of the sexual equilibrium to illustrate how one partner’s sexual problems impacts the other.

- Describe the management of sexual problems in conjoint psychotherapy.

- List 3 behavioral strategies to manage sexual problems

- Describe 3 behavioral strategies to manage sexual problems

- Explain the concept of resistance as it applies to conjoint treatment of sexual problems.

- Evaluate the proposed model of conducting therapy around sexual issues and how familial relationships play a role.