Motivational Interviewing

Speaker: Dr. Lori Eickleberry Schlien

Workshop Description:

This workshop will teach attendees a variety of motivational and behavioral skills used to reduce resistance, increase retention, improve rapport, and increase motivation to change unwanted behaviors. Motivational Interviewing (MI) was initially developed for working with resistant substance abusers, yet has since been adapted to deal with many additional behaviors and conditions (e.g., smoking, weight loss, physical activity, risky sexual behavior, diabetes control, gambling, and medication compliance). It works with a variety of individuals, yet works particularly well with those who may be resistant or coerced into treatment. MI is combination of strategies and techniques from existing models of psychotherapy. A primary goal of MI is to evaluate readiness to change and meet clients where they are in terms of their specific readiness to change without judgment or coercion, yet discussed in a way that increases   commitment to change. MI maintains an empathetic and empowering tone. In this workshop, Motivational Interviewing skills and techniques will be described and demonstrated and then practiced among attendees using short role-play scenarios. Feedback will be given to enhance skills. A variety of empirically based assessment instruments that are practical to use and have clinical value will be presented. Handouts of the major motivational materials will be distributed.

 Educational Objectives/Goals: Attendees Will Learn

  • How to motivate clients to change problem behaviors
  • How to improve rapport
  • How to empower clients and increase self-esteem
  • How to engage mandated or resistant clients
  • How to reduce therapist frustration working with resistant populations
  • How to improve patient compliance
  • How to use motivational strategies and skills to enhance people’s commitment to change
  • How to use a decisional balance exercise to evaluate and promote readiness for chan How to use scaling to assess status and increase motivation and self-esteem
  • How to use advice/feedback materials in a motivationally enhancing manner

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