The Business of Sex Coaching


This course will take you through the basics of sex coaching from a business perspective. From the different modalities of sex coaching and privacy concerns, to the financial responsibilities of owning your own business, this course covers a wide range of topics in a succinct and easy to understand manner. You will be exposed to different pricing strategies, marketing tips and tricks, and alternative ways to earn money as a sex coach; from digital resources, to in-person workshops! By the end of the course, you will have the basic tools to take your first step into the business of sex coaching!


Learning Objectives:

Explain 3 main differences between a licensed therapist and a sex coach

Describe the difference between experiential and talk-based coaching

Discuss one consideration when deciding how their coaching will be delivered

List five important items to have in a coaching contract

Explain the difference between a retainer, a package price, and an hourly rate

Discuss one question to ask themselves when determining their coaching fees

List the most important question when narrowing down their niche

Explain three ways to get exposure for their coaching business

Explain how offering free or low-cost products/services can be a smart sales technique

Describe one scenario where terminating a client would be appropriate

Explain the overall purpose of a discovery call

List three other products/services that a sex coach can sell


15 minutes: Introduction, difference between sex therapist and sex coach, sex coaching modalities, and considerations for service delivery
5 minutes: Key components of a contract and confidentiality considerations
15 minutes: Pricing your services, pricing types (retainer, package, hourly), confidence in charging for your services, and basic self-employment accounting tips
15 minutes: Marketing your services, niching, showing up authentically in the social media age, reaching your ideal client, and different avenues for exposure.
30 minutes: The importance of discovery calls, when to terminate a client, and when to refer clients to another professional
5 minutes: Different services and products to offer for additional streams of income.
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