The Heart of Sex Coaching


This course will take you through the basics of sex coaching from a business perspective. From the different modalities of sex coaching and privacy concerns, to the financial responsibilities of owning your own business, this course covers a wide range of topics in a succinct and easy to understand manner. You will be exposed to different pricing strategies, marketing tips and tricks, and alternative ways to earn money as a sex coach; from digital resources, to in-person workshops! By the end of the course, you will have the basic tools to take your first step into the business of sex coaching!


Learning Objectives:

1. List three challenges of being a sex coach in a “sex-sensitive” culture

2. Explain why it’s important to offer online events that don’t require participants to be on video

3. Describe what is meant by “personal disclosure boundaries”

4. Discuss in-session self-disclosure and self-disclosure on social media can be (and often are) different

5. List two questions to ask yourself when considering experiential coaching

6. Describe one way to hold space for a couple that is arguing during session

7. List two reasons why self-awareness is important as a sex coach

8. Explain what “sex positivity” means

9. Explain an example of sex negativity

10. Discuss the need for self-care

11. List three hard truths of sex coaching


30 minutes: Why are you here and how do you want to show up, especially on social media?
15 minutes: Learning and setting boundaries, and coaching singles and couples
20 minutes: Self-awareness and self-care, sex positivity, internalizing, reflecting and projecting
10 minutes: Five hard truths about sex coaching
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